What Is the Best Reseller Hosting Company?;

Reseller hosting, which is a type of website hosting, is a service offered to help third parties to host their websites. If you lack hard drive space or bandwidth, it’s a convenient option that removes all the pressure off your own systems. However, the reseller will also purchase the host’s service, selling them to other customers for a profit.

Finding a reliable, trustworthy and affordable reseller company can be a challenge, but it’s not entirely impossible. Reseller hosting is growing in popularity, which means it’s becoming more common to find top-rated website hosting services to suit your every requirement. We have included a few of these below.


InMotionHosting.com is one of the most top-rated reseller hosting companies on the internet. It’s reliable, has a 90-day money-back guarantee, and is even rated by experts to be one of the best website hosting companies online.

When you choose InMotionHosting, you also benefit from a range of convenient features. It takes only five minutes to set up, you get between 80GB and 160GB of space, and you receive a free 12-month domain name as well.

You also receive free WHM/cPanel access, site backups and dedicated IP, and a range of IMAP and POP3 email features as well. If you want an effortless approach to reseller hosting, check out InMotionHosting.com.


While a tad more expensive than other website hosting businesses, HostGator.com is still a valid option for many companies. It costs less than $20 per month, and you can start your own company with cPanel reseller hosting as well. The other benefits are also sure to catch your attention too.

Even though you are paying less than $20 a month, you get $200 worth of Google Adwords, Yahoo!, and Bing ad credit. It’s almost like you’re not paying a cent at all! You also get unlimited domains, over 400 tutorials for your customers, and up to 140GB of space. While the domain name is around $13 per year when other reseller hosting companies are free, you still get exceptional value for money.


For a little over $13 per month, you can benefit from unlimited hosting plans for both Windows and Linux through A2Hosting.com. This reseller hosting company offers 2,000GB worth of data transfer, 24/7 network monitoring, unlimited domain names, up to 200GB of space, and so much more.

However, the benefits of choosing A2Hosting for website hosting don’t end there. You receive a CDN, your choice of a data center location, and free SSDs. Setup only takes four minutes as well, so what’s holding you back?


While GreenGeeks, as a website hosting company, can be a little expensive for those only just getting started, you will be impressed by the robust network, support, and options available.

You can select from three plans – seed, plant, and forest, all of which cost different amounts per month and offer different levels of disc space and bandwidth.

For example, the Forest plan costs under $100 a month and offers unlimited domains, 200GB of disc space and 2,000GB of bandwidth. On the seed plan which is under $20 per month, however, you get unlimited domains but only 50GB of disc space and 500GB of bandwidth. Even though you pay more for high-level website hosting features, you can expect the very best service and functionality.

Reseller hosting is growing in popularity and is something that could well be worth your consideration if you’re looking to make a little extra money. If the time has come to shop around for website hosting companies, check out these options above. You are sure to find they meet the mark for you and your customers’ requirements.